ovie:The Grudge 3 2009 DVDSCR XviD

Release: 2009
Director:Toby Wilkins
Distributor:Sony Pictures

Crime, Demons, Disaster, Dreams,
Foreign Film, Gore, Haunting, Psychic,
Psychological, Remake, Revenge, Romance,
Serial Killer, Slasher, Theater

Plot Synopsis:
In The Grudge 2, the curse was spreading
in three ways; the ghosts were increasing
in numbers, just being close to someone cursed
was now enough to become a victim, and it was
spreading outside the borders of Tokyo and
even Japan. It is still not sure if the basic
plot will be how the curse is stopped or if it
will continue to grow instead. Takashi Shimizu
said: "During the script meeting, our ideas didn't
go anywhere good, and we couldn't come up with
anything interesting to stop the curse, so if
that's the case, I would rather just go for
something that could never be stopped. But who
knows, maybe something can be stopped in The Grudge 3.

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